About Us 


What is Cancer Patient Care?

--A valuable and unique community asset.
--Founded over 50 years ago.
--Provides a social services safety net for cancer patients and their families.

At Cancer Patient Care, we know that the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is hard enough without the difficulties that come from being unable to work, pay the electricity bill, buy gasoline for the car, stay warm in the winter and put food on the table. Cancer Patient Care offers these types of assistance and much more!

Funded by the generosity of the community, Cancer Patient Care has a small, professional and caring staff that helps cancer patients and their families sort through the resources and help available to them.

Sometimes, cancer treatment causes hair loss, the inability to eat solid food or difficulty in mobility. We can help with those. Patients, friends and family may feel alone. Cancer Patient Care can help with the emotional support needed for today and the days ahead.


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