Cars for Charity


Cancer Patient Care participates with eleven other Spokane County United Way Partner Agencies in a local, grassroots fundraising effort helping residents find a good use for their unwanted cars.

Since Cars for Charity's inception, donors have contributed more than 6,800 vehicles, ranging from those sold for parts to fully operable motor homes, cars, trucks, and boats!

Whether drivable or not, your unwanted vehicles can make all the difference for local cancer patients and their families.










You can give special help to Cancer Patient Care if you designate Cancer Patient Care as your charity of choice when donating your car.  Here's how it works:

-When you're thinking of selling that extra vehicle... because it's too expensive to repair... you don't use it any more... you want more space...  think about the many people you can help through Cars for Charity.

-By donating your unwanted vehicle to Cars for Charity, you are helping provide health and human care services right here at home.  Drive it in or call to arrange for free towing.

-Your donation may be tax deductible.*

Our friendly service staff is sure to answer all your questions.  Call 509-928-1900 for more information.

Pull & Save Auto Parts

10414 E. Knox Ave.

Spokane, WA  99206

* Each agency participating in Cars for Charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Because tax situations vary, consult your tax advisor for information regarding deductions.