Guardians of Hope 2010

Today I am honoring...


Sam Bales (Dad), Lynn Lamb, My Daddy, Marci Moravec, Bobbie Aldrich, Bonny McCormick, Terry Saunders, Annette Grainer, Don Studevant, Sherry Jones, Joyce Kraus, My Mother, Maxine Krogh, Richard Thornton, Jacklynn Ash, Helen Tanner, Travis Singer, Carol Mohr, Dorothy Capelin, Jim Kransberger, Toni Robideaux, My Sisters - Shirley & Sherry, Ruth Phipps, Ruth Thager, Denny Murphy, My Sister, Ethel Schonecht, Daynee Charonneau, Virginia Rose Roberts, Judy Ryan, Vickie Townsend, June Bestiwick, Tracy Streeto, Violet "Dee" Martin, Julie, Karen, & Liz, Jinny & Lori, Boyd Irving, Sheryl Ann Barton, Ruth Sheperd, Gary Kraft, Doug, Nanc, Pat, Deleen, Lor, Kay, Marc, My Grandparents, Mother, and co-workers, Charles MacNeill, Mary Austin, Scott & Susan MacNeill, Anne Marie Hogan, Jim Lalonde, Kathryn Henrei, Mary, Deb Rose, Janice & Anne Marie Barrett, MaryEllen Barrett, My Stepdad, Cora Cope, Karen Schlag, B.N. Doc Evans, Raymond Hirsch, Mother, Sister, Debbie Rihn, Ellen Nesser, Mither-in-law, Jeannie, Debbie & Julie, Patty Burke, Kaqy Duchesne, Denny Finn Sr., Mickey Peterson, Richard Munoz, Anna Bates, Ruby H, Jack Swanson, Rita Hand, Agnes Fisher, Arthur Hess II, Jack Chambers, My Mother, My Mother and Father, Cancace Lightfoot, Mike Scholes, Jeff Sebring, Monte Holmes, Elise Hilport, My Big Brother, Justin, Arthur Gene Johnson, My Dad, Donald Wilson, Peter Soligon,  John Clark, Jacuiline Marie Pancake, Dixie Lee Mulvaney, James & Christina Slawin, Mother of DJ Egan, Patty Cox Smith, Melanie Porter, Lori Bowman


My words of hope for cancer patients...


Everyone deserves a fighting chance!

Take care of yourself!  Know you are loved.  Prayers & thoughts are with you.

Believe & have faith.

Stay strong - you are strong although these times seem overwhelming.  It will end and you will be okay - I have faith.

I hope and pray for a cure

There is so much love and hope for you.

We are praying for you and for a cure.

Believe. Hope. Pray.

Have a positive attitude & remember prayers to God.  Without Him we are nothing.

Find ways to laugh & love;  they will sustain you.

Whether you realize it or not, you are and inspiration to those around you.

Never lose faith.  Miracles happen every day.

That everyone can be cancer-free and a survivor.

Keep thinking healing thoughts.

Keep you strength and your hope - you will survive!

When the going gets tough the tough get going.

Stand on the Rock, Jesus Christ.  We love you.

All things work together for the good to those who believe.

You are an inspiration.

Never look back, never give up, and love always!

We are never without hope, even when "hope" looks different than what we expected.

Stay positive & pray.  God is with you always!

May God grant you peace, comfort, and strength during this time.

Never be too proud to ask for help.

 Keep a smile and laugh often.

May you always show us your courage & love, and may the Lord heal you.

A life will-lived, and hand worth holding, a heart always loved and remembered.

Love, hope, laugh, and cry...repeat as much as needed.

There are many who are supporting you.

Stay focused on what's important.  Never lose your humor, never lose hope.

Strive to live each day & take your fight for life head on.

We care about you!  You matter to us.

Stay strong - live for today.

Stay positive.

Be strong!

Humor & friendship

Amazing things happen in times of crisis.  Remember to keep our chin up so you don't miss a blessing.

God doesn't  give you anything you can't handle.

There is hope.  Laugh and rely on your friends and family.

Never give up hope.

It's ok to let your guard down.  Those who love you will be there to lean on.

Live Strong in all your moments as best you can.  Ask for help.

You are a strong fighter!  Be a warrior and take each day as it comes.

I hope that there is a permanent cure for all of our cancer patients soon.




My words of hope for cancer patients...


Don't give up your battle.  My dad always said, "Do not put a period where God may have intended to put a comma."  God Bless

Bless you!  Stay strong.

Courage is not the voice that roars - but the quiet voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow.

Our hope and prayers are with you on your journey to recovery.  God bless.

May you hold on to the joy of simple things and stay strong in spirit.

You are stronger than you know & are my hero.

Never give up your faith.

Don't give up!  Believe in yourself and lean on others!

Never give up.  Ask for help.  Have faith.  Know you are loved.  Joy to you!

There will be a cure - and you will be cared for...

Remain courageous - for the rest of us.

Remember that jealing is possible - physically and/or emotionally.  Hope brings peace.

Be positive and patient.  Live one day at a time.  God is with you always.

Stay strong.

Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up.

With faith all things are possible.  Believe always.

All things are possible with God.

God loves  you.

You are not forgotten or overlooked - the prayers of many are with you.

 Ask for help and you can survive.

When you no longer have the strength to stand - kneel.

Stay strong.  Put your trust in God.

Be strong and trust in the Lord.

Your community is behind you during your battle.

Cancer is a journey - and a path travelled better together - we are here!

One day, hopefully soon, we will find a cure!

Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm, so take on the day!

Go forward with your journey knowing you are surrounded by love and support.

Take it one day at a time!  Be good to yourself!

Strength, Kindness, Peace

Be brave and keep hope.

May you walk softly on this earth and know its beauty.  Be at peace always.

Walk by faith.

You are never alone.

I'm praying for you.  I'm a survivor and so are you!

Never lose hope!

May strength, love and support help you htrough your battle against cancer.

There are people who support you and care about you.

With your hand in God's things will get easier.

Keep up the fight.  Don't ever give up!

Let God yold your hand to guide the path.

Never believe you're walking alone.

You are not alone in your journey.  People are always praying for you!

You are brave for the fight - it pays forward!

Believe in yourself.  You are never alone.

Be strong and believe, love and change yourself. 

Psalm 19

May your healing be complete.

I will pray for you!   You are in my thoughts.

You are loved by others - please never forget this.

Remember 2 things:  1) You are not alone. 2) You matter.

I pray for many I know are survivors.  You can be too.  Believe.

Look into the sky, look away from the ground, and always have a smile.

Always look to the hope that will come to surprise you and embrace it for the new and bright future to come.

I pray for God to comfort you & give you strength.  Look to Him.

You have many people praying for you.

You are wonderful and strong.

Keep up the fight & just try to smile.

Believe that all things are possible.

Have courage!