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Spokane Food Circle Group Raise $23,900 for Three Local Nonprofits


 From the Design Spike, Inc. Blog:

Cancer Patient Care is about caring

Cancer patients need care. Some of that care is as simple as nutritional supplementation. Not a big deal, right. Wrong. It is a huge deal. Sometimes someone with cancer simply cannot afford the kind of nutritional supplements they need. This is where Cancer Patient Care steps in. And, now, this is where you can step in….but oh what a deal they have created for you!

When you donate $25 or more to Cancer Patient Care (of course) here’s what happens:

  • You can provide two weeks of Ensure food supplements for a local cancer patient.
  • You and a Cancer Patient Care client will BOTH receive a gift certificate for a free portrait session and free 5×7 print from Beautiful Photo Studio

Called Ensure Holiday Memories, for the cost of five lattes, you really do make a difference. It’s that easy. And you get something more than expected out of it. Call Melissa Halverson at Cancer Patient Care. Just do it. Donate. Change someone’s life. Even if only for a few moments, you help create a memory when memories are more precious than ever.

Melissa Halverson, Cancer Patient Care, 509.456.0446 ext 112. Dial it.

Donate online now, and type "Ensure Holiday Memories" in the comments.  We will mail you your gift certificate, or you can stop by our office at 1507 E. Sprague Ave. to pick it up in person!






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Elisabeth Smith donates over $150.00 worth of cleaning products for clients by going door-to-door in her neighborhood.  A big thank you from Cancer Patient Care to Elisabeth!

Elisabeth Smith (right), donated over $150.00 worth of cleaning products for clients by going door-to-door in her neighborhood!  A huge thank you to Elisabeth for her generous and kind donation!

Avista CARES representative Missy Gores presents a very special contribution to Cancer Patient Care Social Services Director, Stephanie Gural.  Thank you Missy and Avista CARES!